What is DIG Childhood Center?

DIG Childhood Center is the name of the preschool and toddler programs being offered by Venice Parents Daycare & Preschool.

What is Venice Parents Daycare & Preschool?

Venice Parents Daycare & Preschool is the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates DIG Childhood Center. VPDP is the original daycare and preschool that Barbara Olinger started with some like-minded parents more than 25 years ago.

What happened to the YWCA Family Cooperative Preschool and Cottage Activity Time?

In 2016, the YWCA Santa Monica/Westside closed down its programs and sold the property near 14th & Pico to Santa Monica College. VPDP stepped in to keep the preschool and toddler programs going, and is currently renting a temporary space while doing construction on a new location, where the programs can be licensed and run sustainably for years to come.

When will the new school open?

Both the Preschool and Toddler Program are accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year and beyond.

We are currently finalizing work on our new facility in Mar Vista, but our exact opening date depends on getting our certificate of occupancy and license.

Are the YWCA preschool and toddler teachers staying?

We were successful in hiring most of the YWCA’s preschool teachers and some of the toddler teachers.

Are you accepting applications? What about the application fee?

We are accepting applications for both programs. Application fees are due with your application. A link to the preschool application form is on the Preschool page. The Toddler application form is on the Toddler page.

Do you offer all day child care?

No. Our morning program hours are 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. After care is available from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

How can I help?

  • Join the Board! We are looking for 2-4 new members. Email board@digcenter.org if you’re interested or have questions.
  • Our new school is being built through collective inspiration and old-fashioned elbow grease. We have a passionate base of parents with a diverse set of skills, ranging from fundraising to graphic art. If you have a specific skill set you would like to employ for our new school, please let us know!

Please feel free to email us at info@digcenter.org if you have any other questions about the school, the enrollment process, etc.