What makes DIG different and why it matters.

  • 1:4 Adult to Child Ratio
    Allows for individual needs to be met.
  • Child-led Learning, Play-based Program
    Creates freedom for children to practice and test out their new skills.
  • Focus on Social-emotional Growth
    Development is understood and celebrated, mistakes are allowed, feelings are validated, and connecting with others is supported.
  • Outdoor Classroom
    We believe children need a connection with nature in order to be whole. Full integration of indoor and outdoor spaces offers an optimal learning and growing environment for young children.
  • Non-judgmental Approach
    Allows individual to experience life for him/herself, with guidance, not control, building an intrinsic sense of self and an acceptance of others’ differences.
  • Family Participation
    Creates a bond between teachers, parents, and children.
  • Support for Parents and Families
    Strengthens family dynamics and well-being, creates an extended family.